Tuesday, January 31, 2017

The biggest things that stuck out to me from the past weeks lessons is that the groups that we all belong to mold our identities and that stereotypes are real and affect people more than we think. Everyone belongs to many different kinds of groups, and I think that as time goes on we outgrow some of those groups while others remain very prevalent in our lives.

 I think that one of the most prevalent groups that I belong to has to do with my ethnicity. I'm Mexican, and I think that this has very much shaped the person I am. One of the biggest things that comes with being Mexican is that there is a large portion of people that associate being Mexican with such a negative connotation. People like to make inaccurate generalizations, or better yet, they stereotype all Mexicans as dumb, or criminals over the actions of very few. 

Within my school environment, I've always felt like many expect me to under perform because of the long standing stereotype that Mexican's aren't intelligent. Consequently, I became the type of student that likes to challenge herself with accelerated and advanced courses and perform well in them so that in a way, I'm acting to defeat the unfair stereotype that exists about this particular group of mine. 

In class we discussed Joel Charon's "Should we Generalize" and he explained that generalizing is simply something innate that we do because we are human beings. He went on to say that although generalizing is good because as humans, its our way of applying knowledge to various situations, generalizations can very easily turn into stereotypes. Stereotypes occur when the generalizations we make are inaccurate and when we take the actions of one individual and apply it to the whole category. 

Sunday, January 22, 2017

My mother is a woman of many mantras. One of them being that you have to earn the things you have. So growing up, whether it was dolls when I was in elementary school, or a laptop when I was in middle school, all those things were earned by getting good grades and completing chores. When all my friends started getting phones in middle school, I was quick to ask my mom for one too. I was ready to work for and do whatever necessary that my mom asked of me so that I could join in and be able to text like all my friends were doing. But of course, this motto of hers came back to bite me when she told me that I wasn't getting a phone until I could work and pay it off myself. So that's exactly what happened, I didn't get a phone until I turned sixteen and found a job so I could pay off the monthly bill. At the time I always thought it sucked that I couldn't connect with my friends through text when I would hang out with them, they were always so busy on their phone and I could never do the same but looking back on everything, I think that I'm a more mindful person because of it all. Now when I'm hanging out with friends and family, I'm the least prone to pull out my phone because I've become aware of the disconnect it can cause when you're paying more attention to what's on your phone than the people you have right next to you. Even though try to ease off my phone as much as possible, I know that I'm affected too. In class I'm always tempted to check my notifications on all my social media, or check to for any text messages. People within society are influenced by all the new innovative technology there is to offer, this is basically the essence of sociological imagination; the way society affects the individual. But by being sociologically mindful you become aware of the influence that you as a person have on the rest of society and have the ability to act in
a way to change or adhere to the impact. And for that same reason I try to minimize my phone usage. In class, we watched a slam poem by Marshall Davis Jones called "Touchscreen". He talked about how its crazy that nowadays we feed of off our phone and computer screens. The influence of social media and technology on us has taught us to find validation from posting statuses on Facebook or posting pictures on Instagram instead of feeding off of the real and true relationships that you have off screen and in real life. But although technology can be the cause of a lot of disconnect with real life relationships, it can also be a platform to connect with people you otherwise wouldn't be able to see on a daily basis.

Friday, January 6, 2017

Meet Me!

How much does a polar bear weigh? Enough to break the ice, hi I'm Kathia. I am senior in highschool and yes, senioritis is real. I like to consider myself a very easy-going person, humor being my gateway into the world. A lot of who I am derives from my family, they're my biggest influencers. My mom was brought here to the United States from Mexico at a very young age. The idea behind the "American Dream" was something that was instilled in her, and then instilled in me and consequently has become the crux of our worldview. I like to think that most anything is attainable, if you have the drive and put in the time and effort you can achieve your goals. When I grow up my goal is to become a teacher. Being an educator I believe goes further than just simply teaching students the material just to get the grade. I have younger brothers at home and I see how they get down on themselves for not fully grasping things like algebra. A lot of times students don't realize just what their capable of accomplishing, the biggest payoff of being a teacher I believe is encouraging kids to give it their all and reach their full potential.